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GotSpot in the News

Superb Crew caught up with GotSpot to talk about our launch, and what’s next. (10.03.18).

WFN1 News Corp interviewed Reda about GotSpot, military spouse entrepreneurs, and how female founders are taking over Texas! (09.17.18).

BLNDED Media featured Founder Reda Hicks and how she got started with GotSpot (09.13.18).

Business Insider carried GotSpot’s launch announcement (08.23.18).

Voyage Houston did a feature on founder Reda Hicks and GotSpot (08.08.18).

GotSpot competed at Code Authority CodeLaunch. Here’s some coverage from Dallas Innovates (08.02.18).

GotSpot founder Reda Hicks was quoted in the Southern Startup Report (07.30.18).

GotSpot was featured on the AWS Startups Blog (07.27.18).

Founder Reda Hicks was featured in a Wired Magazine about GotSpot (5.25.18).

Alice did a feature on founder Reda Hicks as part of their Role Breaker Series (05.09.18).

Founder Reda Hicks contributed to a Forbes Magazine piece about how Alice is helping her grow GotSpot (05.09.18).

Our first ever pitch! Founder Reda Hicks at SXSW 2018 with Alice’s Elizabeth Gore, pitching at the BumbleBizz Experience (03.09.2018). Continue reading

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